The Complete AP and College Physics Course

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Course Overview

Master the College/AP physics from classical to modern physics, then test your knowledge with 300+ practice exercises!

What you will learn

One Dimensional Kinematics
Two Dimensional Kinematics
Forces And Newton’s Laws of Motion
Work and Energy
Linear Momentum and Collisions
Rotational Motion
Fluid Mechanics
Oscillations and Waves
Heat And Temperature
Electrostatics and Electricity
Magnetism and Electromagnetism
Optics and Light
Special Relativity
Introduction to The Quantum World
Atomic and Nuclear Physics



This 30+ hours course goes from Newtonian Mechanics, all the way to the mind-blowing world of Quantum Mechanics. It contains crystal clear video explanation of all the AP Physics curriculum, it also includes PHET Simulations so that you don’t get bored and fall asleep or you know, curse me on the comment section.


You’ll also find 300+ practice exercises including MCQs and numerical problems. The solutions to these problems are given in video and PDF forms.

And if maybe that’s not enough practice, I’ve also included tons of worked additional problems from various resources.

You’ll also find a summary as a PDF file taken from my favorite book which I will provide the link to, these summaries are included in the last course lecture of every section as a resource. The exercises PDF files are included in the practice exercises lectures.

What students say about this course: “Just finished the whole course, one word: PERFECT! I’d recommend this to anyone learning or majoring in Physics. Thank you so much for your help!” _ Michael Carrot



AP Physics: Introduction
Course Overview
Basic Trigonometry Review
Vectors and Scalars
Cosine Rule and Triangle Law
One Dimensional Kinematics
Average Speed and Average Velocity
Acceleration, Instantaneous Velocity and Graphs
Free Fall
Practice Exercises
Two Dimensional Kinematics
Horizontally Launched Projectiles
Projectile Launched at An Angle
Practice Exercises
Forces and Newtons’s Laws
Introduction To Forces
Newton’s First Law of Motion
Newton’s Second Law of Motion
Newton’s Third Law of Motion
Weight and Normal Force
Inclined Planes
Uniform Circular Motion And The Centripetal Acceleration
Central Forces
Practice Exercises
Work and Energy
Potential and Kinetic Energy
Potentiel and Kinetic Energy in a Pendulum
Hooke’s Law
Work-Energy Theorem
Conservation of Energy
Practice Exercises
Linear Momentum and Collisions
Linear Momentum and Impulse
Conservation of Linear Momentum
Center of Mass
Practice Exercises
Rotational Motion
Angular Position, Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration
Rotational Equilibrium
Moment of Inertia
Angular Momentum and It’s Conservation
Practice Exercises
Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion
Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation
Satellites Orbit
Gravitational Potential Energy in Space and The Escape Velocity
Derivation of GPE In outer Space(Calculus)
Practice Exercises
Fluid Mechanics
Introduction To Fluid Mechanics: Fluid Statics
Pascal’s Principle
Archimedes Principle
Flow Rate
Bernoulli’s Principle
Practice Exercises
Heat and Temperature
Introduction to Thermal Physics
Heat Transfer and Temperature Change
Phase Changes
Thermal Expansion
Mechanisms of Heat Transfer
Charle’s Law and Boyle’s Law
Ideal Gas Law
The Kinetic Theory of Gases
Practice Exercises
Introduction To Thermodynamics and The Zeroth Law
First Law of Thermodynamics
Thermodynamic Processes
Second Law of Thermodynamics
The Heat Engine and The Carnot Cycle
Practice Exercises
Oscillations and Waves
Introduction To Oscillating Motion
Writing The Equation For a Sinusoidal Wave
Acceleration Equation of a Sine Wave and Proof of The Period Formula (Calculus)
Damped Oscillations
Transverse Waves
Longitudinal Waves: Sound
Superposition, Destructive and Constructive Interference
Standing Waves
Reflection Of Waves On a String
Doppler Effect
Practice Exercises
Electricity and Electrostatics
Electric Charge and Conservation of Charge
Coulomb’s Law
Superposition of Charges
The Electric Field
Electric Potential Energy
Electric Potential
Work Done On a Charge at Infinite Distance (Calculus)
Conductors and Insulators
Electric Current
Resistivity, Resistance and Ohm’s Law
Electric Circuits
Electric Power and Heat
Electromotive Force and Internal Resistance
Kirschoff’s Rules
Kirschoff’s Rules (Example)
Alternating Current Versus Direct Current
Practice Exercises
Magnetism and Electromagnetism
Magnetic Force on a Moving Charge
Circular Motion of Moving Charges
Magnetic Force on a Current-Carrying Conductor
Electromagnetic Induction: Motional EMF
Faraday’s Law
Lenz’s Law
Practice Exercises
Optics and Light
Intro to Optics and Light
Interference and Diffraction
Huygens’s Principle
Young’s Double Slit Experiment
Law of Reflection
Law of Refraction
Total Internal Reflection
Flat Mirrors
Concave and Convex Mirrors
Concave and Convex Lenses
Special Relativity
The Michelson-Morley Experiment
Einstein’s Postulates
Time Dilation and Length Contraction
Relativistic Velocity Addition
Relativistic Energy and The Equivalence of Mass and Energy
Rutherford’s Gold Foil Experiment
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
Introduction to The Quantum World
Blackbody Radiation and Quantization of Energy
The Photoelectric Effect
The Particle-Wave Duality
Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle
The Schrӧdinger Equation (Basics)
Atomic Spectra: Hydrogen Spectrum
Atomic and Nuclear Physics
The Bohr Model of The Atom
Atomic, Neutron, and Mass Number
Binding Energy
Radioactivity and Alpha Decay
Beta Decay
Gamma Decay
Radioactive Decay Rates
Nuclear Reactions: Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion